"Porcelain Collector Plates
From The Franklin Mint and National Wildlife Federation"

The "Majestic Cats" Plate Collection
Created by celebrated wildlife artist Michael Ross Matherly

White Tigers

Mountain Lions

African Lioness and Cubs

Snow Leopards

Jaguar and Cub

Cheetah and Cubs

Black Panther and Cub

Clouded Leopard and Cubs

Bobcat and Cubs

Siberian Tiger and Cub

African Leopard and Cubs

Spanish Lynx and Cub
Michael was commissioned by The Franklin Mint  to 
create this collector plate which was presented by
the prestigious International Wildlife Coalition. 
 Rare and beautiful, majestic in winter moonlight, the 
 snow leopard stands watch over his Himalayan
 domain.  Penetrating the frozen landscape with his
 Such is the power of "Midnight Majesty."

We receive numerous requests from individuals wanting to purchase this plate collection. This plate series is a

limited edition and is now sold out through the Franklin Mint. Our website is not offering these plates for sale.

They are here only to show the viewer more of Michael's work. They are now only available through the secondary

market. We suggest looking for them on ebay. THANK YOU

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